On Tuesday, February 22, 1977 at 9:30 Reile's Acres was incorporated as a city by order of the Cass County ND Commission. With a population of 147 and has slowly grown ever since. In 1976, just before the incorporation, the new city had 31 homes with a total value of $164,248.00 or an average value of roughly $5,300.00 per home. Reile's Acres is named for Reinhold Reile who originally owned the land and had a farmstead on the site. Therefore, the city is properly referred to with the apostrophe in Reile's. The move toward incorporation came about when the development of Reile's Acres reached a point where the Reed Township Board could not handle the costs of road maintenance in the small, heavily populated area about a mile north and a mile west of Fargo. Residents of the Reile's Acres area said that through incorporation, the subdivision could get state and federal funds as well as tax money to take care of streets and roads. 

As of the census of 2000, there were 254 people, 72 households, and 68 families residing in the city. The population density was 528.6 people per square mile (204.3/km²). There were 72 housing units at an average density of 149.8 per square mile.

As of the census of 2010, there were 513 people, 146 households, and 137 families residing in the city. The population was 1,068.8 inhabitants per square mile (412.7/km2). There were 147 housing units at an average density of 306.3 per square mile.

As of 2020 and before the census has harvested it's data, there is estimated to be 784 people and 224 households residing in the city.  

Reile's Acres has no commercial businesses and is considered a "Bedroom Community." 

The City is located within the West Fargo School District.  You do have the option of  open enrolling in Northern Cass and/or North Fargo Elementary, Middle, and High Schools. Applying for open enrollment doesn't guarantee a spot in the other districts, but historically there have been little to no applications declined. Each of the 3  School Districts have daily bus service for Reile's Acres students.

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