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Monthly City Bills

Auto pay is now available via direct withdrawal. You can sign up by filling out the form below and emailing it to The city currently has about 50% of the city using this option. If you utilize bill pay through your bank please consider the email billing option.

ACH Authorization Form
ACH Authorization Form.docx
Microsoft Word document [12.2 KB]

If direct withdrawal isn't of interest, you can also sign up for email billing by simply sending an email to



Monthly Bill Reduction:

 Monthly bill amounts will be changing in January.  For homes with no septic tank the amount will go from $65 to $60. For homes with a septic tank the bill will stay at $65. For homes in the 9th addition the bill will be $70, due to city owned street lights.



Burning Ordinance Notification:

As a reminder burning yard debris is no longer permit in city limits. The ordinance states, "“no person shall kindle, maintain or burn any leaves, grass, tree and shrub branches, garbage or other refuse either openly or in containers.” Small bonfires are still allowed in city limits.


Reile's 9th Addition:
Details on lots, covenants, pricing and more can be found and
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