All meetings are held at the City Community Center, unless otherwise noted.

Next Council MeetingTuesday December 15th at 7pm

Next Planning & Zoning Meeting: Monday December 7th at 7:00pm


Road & Drainage Proposal:

The city is looking at widening 35th Ave, 32nd Ave, and Landview road in addition to making drain improvements along those roads. See the proposal here. These improvements would likely be special assessed to the entire city. The ratio of benefit and suggested assessment level for each home is currently being worked on by the engineers. If you have comments or questions about this project, the council asks that you either reach out to one of them or attend the December council meeting. We are hoping to have the suggested assessment level prior to the December meeting.

Garbage Day:

The weekly garbage pick up day is now on Thursday and not Wednesday. In the event of a holiday, garbage day will be the next day.

Monthly sewer and garbage rates:

At the October meeting the City Council voted to contract with Waste Management for curbside single sort recycle that will be picked up every other week. They also approved increasing the monthly fee from $59 to $65 in December.  More info will be shared as available from waste management, until then you can continue to utilize the recycling dumpster at the 6th addition park.

Yard Parking Ordinance Revision:

The city has revised the off-street parking and nuisance vehicle ordinance.  If you are parking a trailer, car, or other vehicle in your yard, this ordinance is something you will want to  review. An example of a proposed ordinance can be found here. The first reading of the ordinance will be held at the December council meeting.

Reile's 9th Addition: 

Landview Road will be closed on 9/9/15 and remain closed for 3-4 months.

Details on lots, covenants, pricing and more can be found and